Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you:

Are you frequently ordering self-help books on Amazon to try and get at the root of your child's issues?

Has your child ever been evaluated for any type of special education services, either privately or through your local school district?

Perhaps you have brought your concerns to your child's teacher, only to be told "not to worry." He/she is just a little behind and will catch up."

Has anyone from your child's school district actively discouraged you from getting your child evaluated? Sometimes educators will advise parents not to have their children evaluated "because you don't want to label your child."

Has your child's teacher told you not to have high expectations for your child?

If any of the above statements ring a bell, I want to make one thing crystal clear: This is not your fault! Did you get that? You did not cause these problems your child is having at school.

If your school age child is on the autism spectrum, and you are ready to receive help in getting the special education services your child is entitled to by law, then this is the first step.

In this 50 minute coaching session, here is what we will do:

We will start out by having you give me a clear picture of exactly who your child is. Things like, has anyone ever given your child an autism diagnosis, either through the school district or privately; to what's going on with your child academically and/or socially, to whether your child has received any testing, and if so what has the reaction been and more.

Then we will dive in and figure out why your child isn't getting the services he/she needs and what you can do about it. Is it the overwhelm of dealing with so much, or are you feeling especially challenged in one area? Are you having trouble communicating in a way that gets results? We will decipher what's in the way and how to clear a way forward.

After I have gotten a clear picture of the unique challenges you are facing with your child, and what could be in the way, we will organize a game plan for getting your child the special education he or she needs, in a way that honors ALL of your life - your mojo style, family life, your values and natural strengths.

And finally, if I think we are a great fit, and that I can absolutely get you where you want to go, then we will also talk about the possibility of working together and what that would look like. Sound good?

Normally I charge $250 for this time, but this session is absolutely free for qualified applicants. This is my way of seeing if I can indeed be of help and making sure I am the right consultant for you.

What do I mean by qualified applicants? Click here to read more about who I work best with.