My Ideal Client

Who I work best with

While I feel confident I can help most parents with children on the autism spectrum as they make their way through the special education maze, I have discovered I do my best work with parents who embody the following characteristics:

Patience and persistence. Navigating the bumpy road of getting your child the special education he/she deserves can be very challenging. It can and often does create anxiety, stress and can overwhelm! That is why my work is best for those who can stay focused on solving problems and moving ahead, no matter what comes their way. Patience and persistence is a must.

Organized. There will be reading, education paperwork, and procedures, which must be completed, filed and processed in a timely manner in order for my work to truly benefit your family.

Good listeners and engaged learners. Clients who get the best results seem to appreciate the opportunity to share deeply and learn new perspectives. They recognize they have gone as far as they can go on their own, and are ready to engage and learn what is next.

Ready, willing and able. My clients are ready, willing and able to invest their time, energy and money in working with a consultant like myself as their guide, mentor and go-to resource.